Do you own land? Earn some additional money.

  • Basics

    How does it work?1

    LandTrust partners with Landowners to create new places for Sportsmen to get out and pursue their passion for the outdoors whether it be through hunting, fishing, or trapping.
    Landowners sign up with LandTrust and create a listing that explains what type of fish or game are either on their property or are accessible through their property that Sportsman can pursue, methods of take allowed, agricultural, topographical & water features of their land and any other property rules the Landowner has. The listing also has photos and shows the general area of the property on a map.
    As the Landowner, you choose the daily price for the activity allowed on your land (hunting, fishing, access). Sportsmen book and pay for their stay directly through LandTrust, and Landowners keep 90% of the payment.

    Is my land a fit?2

    LandTrust properties can range from 1-acre parcels to properties with thousands of acres depending on access to fish, game, or the access to public lands your property offers. Below are 2 scenarios to show what types of properties are a fit for LandTrust:
    1. You have a property where you allow fishing and hunting
    2. You have a property that you don’t allow fishing and/or hunting, but your property borders public land where fishing and hunting is legal. In this scenario you can create a LandTrust ‘Access’ listing in which you can charge Sportsmen a daily fee to access the public land through your property.
    Unsure if the public land next to your property allows fishing & hunting? We’ll help you figure it out.
  • Benefits

    Earn extra income

    Landowners on LandTrust earn extra income by hosting Sportsmen on their land to help pay for maintenance, property taxes, home expenses, vacations and more.

    Insurance coverage

    Many in the LandTrust Landowner community have been allowing Sportsmen to use their land to hunt & fish for years either for free or for a fee (trespass fees or leases). These Landowners will enjoy full insurance coverage under LandTrust’s Landowner Insurance Policy & Property Protection Plan when Sportsmen book their land through LandTrust

    Property management

    Calendar management:A single place where you can see who’s going to be on your land on which dates with links to all bookings, Sportsmen profiles, & revenue from those bookings
    Bookings/payments:Automatic transfers into your bank account once bookings have occurred

    Keeping traditions alive

    By listing your property on LandTrust, you’re taking an active part in ensuring that Sportsmen around the country have more access to pursue their passions and share it with family, friends, and newcomers.
  • FAQ

    What about insurance?

    All bookings done through LandTrust will be covered under LandTrust’s Landowner Insurance Policy which covers up to $1M in excess of the Landowner’s existing homeowner or commercial insurance policies.
    -General Aggregate: $2M -Products & Completed Operations Aggregate: $2M -Personal & Advertising Injury: $1M -Each Occurance: $1M -Fire Damage: $50k

    Does it cost anything to list on LandTrust?

    Listing your land is free. LandTrust takes a 10% commission from each completed booking.

    Can someone help list my land?

    Absolutely! Feel free to give us a call 406-201-9424 or send us an email ""

    How much should I charge?

    Great question. Determining pricing depends on multiple factors like: where your property is located, size of property, species of fish or game you’re allowing to be pursued, etc. If you’re unsure of how to set your prices, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

    What support comes with signup?

    You’ll be able to have 24/7 support from a LandTrust support team member by phone or email.

    What if a bad experience happens on my land?

    LandTrust customer support will work with you to understand the issue and resolve it. Additionally, if a Sportsman does not follow the rules for your property or in any other way acts poorly, LandTrust can ban them from using the website.

    What kind of cancellation policy is there?

    Confirmed bookings cancelled within 48 hours from the time of booking confirmation will be given a full refund. Cancelations occurring after 48 hours from the time a booking has been confirmed by the landowner will not receive a refund. This policy is to protect landowners from potentially losing their only opportunities to make money from their properties due to the nature of hunting seasons and the limited number of total hunt days per species state by state. e.g. A sportsman books a Wisconsin gun hunt for deer for which there is only a 9 day season all year long. If that hunter cancels last minute, there's a very small chance that the landowner could rebook the hunt and could lose his only opportunity to generate revenue for deer hunting with a gun for the whole year.