Shadbolt Cattle Company
Shadbolt Cattle Company
Shadbolt Cattle Company
Shadbolt Cattle Company

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Shadbolt Cattle Company

Nearest Town, Merriman, Nebraska
Lodging Available
45,000 acres
About this property

Shadbolt Cattle Company is a working ranch that has been family-owned and operated since 1885. We are a 5th generation ranch located within the Sandhills of Nebraska. The land is host to large flocks of waterfowl due to the expanse of water held within.

We offer fully guided hunts for both buffalo and waterfowl. All stays include 3 home-cooked meals a day, and field dressing for those hunting buffalo. We allow sportsmen to show up the evening before the trip begins.

*Waterfowl hunts:
- We are happy to have 8 sportsmen. We can house 4 in the cookhouse and 4 in campers. 3 home-cooked meals are also included with the trip and we will take sportsmen to the hunting locations.

*Buffalo hunts:
- $4,000 per young bull.
- $6,000 per mature bull.

We look forward to meeting you on your trip!

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This listing has been closed and cannot be booked

House Details

4 Guests
2 Bedrooms
4 Single
1 Bathrooms
Hot Water
House Amenities
Pet's Allowed Inside
Hot Water
Garbage Area

Property Details & Ground Rules

  • Check In: After 6:00 AM
  • Check Out: Before 8:00 PM
  • Nearby Interstate: No
  • Nearby Highway: No
  • Nearby Airport: N/A
  • Campfires: Allowed
  • Pets: Allowed on property
  • ATV's: Not allowed
  • Parking: Yes
  • Vehicles: 4 Allowed
  • Drive-in Access: Yes
  • Walk-in Access: Yes
  • Guests: 8 Allowed

Landowner Rules: Dogs must be friendly, we have working dogs throughout the ranch as well as our kids.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds are only available within 48 hours of the landowner accepting your booking request.


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Response rate: 80%


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