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  • Mike L
    Mike L

    Carver’s communication was both honest, friendly and timely. As he stated during our first conversation, the turkeys were a challenge to find and hunt, but we were able to tag out with 2 mature Toms. The terrain is highly conducive to spot and stalk in addition to good cover for set up along the river where we found birds. His suggestion of bringing the dirt bikes was greatly appreciated and allowed us to cover far more ground than in foot alone. Property has abundant waterfowl and would be a great selection.

    Reviewed by Guest on May 2022
    Carver A

    Mike and his son were excellent guests. Very respectful of the hunt and the property. We would definitely welcome Mike back anytime.

    Reviewed by Landowner on May 2022
  • NB
    Nolan B

    It's very rare for me to discover and add new species to my life list within North America, but it was easy on the Abbott Ranch. We birded there for an entire day and found 55 species, including Blue Grosbeak, Orchard Oriole, Blue winged teal, and the largest population of grasshopper sparrows I have ever seen. The landscapes were beautiful with well constructed paths and roads for driving 4-wheel drive. Everyone was very nice and offered a lot of help on locating species and areas of interest. Definitely will be returning in the spring to find some amazing species. Great place to enjoy birding in nature with privacy and no disturbances.

    Reviewed by Guest on July 2021
    Carver A

    Nolan was a great guest to have out on the ranch. Can't wait to have him back out!

    Reviewed by Landowner on July 2021